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      Comparison of Customs Clearance and Customs Clearance Data

      release:lygunion Browse:2526Times

      Since the beginning of 2010, the customs will implement customs clearance and customs declaration data network comparison, the specific comparison projects are as follows:

      1, the operating units (than the customs code 10, the Chinese are not limited);

      2, HS (compared to ten);

      3, declarations on the number of declarations can not exceed the number of customs clearance;

      4, country;

      5, customs clearance can not be more than 20 names;

      6, can not exceed the validity period;

      7, declarations on the law of the number and order of goods to be checked with the corresponding single on the goods and the number of items in the same order.

      If the above items do not match, the Customs will enforce the computer to force a refund. Which 7, although the computer does not force a refund, but should try to meet, or may lead to manual refund


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