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      Shipping process operation (Figure)

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      1 sea operation process (Figure)

      First, the consignment

      1, the shipper to provide: (1) box (2) box volume (3) destination port (4) shipment time (5) goods name (US line,

      2, customers receive shipping price

      To entrust the packing, the shipping company asked the owner to ask the packing method.

      (1) factory site packing (the shipper to provide factory address)

      (2) warehouse packing (freight company to the shipper to provide warehouse address)

      3, the shipping company to the shipper to obtain the declaration information.

      Second, Dingcang

      Cargo companies to provide the goods to the shipping companies and shipping companies to determine the price to the shipping company Dingcang. After receiving the booking, the shipping company shall inform the vessel name, the date of shipment and the bill of lading number.

      Third, do me

      1, the warehouse to do me

      Cargo shipping company to the name, bill of lading number, notify the warehouse. Letter of introduction to the shipping company container yard box, to be delivered after the owner to do me.

      2, the factory to do me

      Cargo company suitcase, according to the shipper to provide the factory address to do me.

      Fourth, the declaration load

      Container shipping port after the declaration; shipping companies will be loaded on board the container.

      5, uninstall

      The shipping company unloaded the container onto the dock.

      Sixth, notice delivery

      The shipping company informs the consignee to pick up the goods.

      Customs clearance

      The consignor to the customs clearance.

      8, for a single

      The shipper changes the bill of lading into a bill of lading.

      Nine, delivery

      The picker picks up the bill of lading.


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