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      For the international fishing Fair exhibitors to provide import services

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      The scope of operation of the permitted class in the residential building is as follows:

      1, labor categories: commissioned to provide labor services; domestic labor services; labor dispatch; translation services; home decoration; housing repair, demolition, demolition; elevator installation, maintenance; cleaning cleaning services.

      2, management: hotel management; investment management; property management; various supervision.

      3, design categories: garden design; decorative design; costume design; art design; commodity design; trademark design; decoration design; engineering survey and design.

      4, planning categories: film planning; marketing planning.

      5, consulting: financial advisers; investment advisers; business management consulting; engineering consulting; cost consulting; other information consultation.

      6, services: conference services; lettering; exhibitions; domestic art exchange activities; collection of laundry; collection Caikuo; corporate certification; consignment of various types of ticketing; freight forwarders; patents, trademark agents; Business; mapping; tax agents; financial accounts, Jianzhizhiyang; literary and artistic creation; brokerage agencies, wedding services, celebration services.

      7, technology: technology transfer, technical services, technical cooperation, technology contracting; electronic computer software development.

      8, business categories: in the wholesale business.

      9, planting categories: all kinds of cultivation.

      10, development categories: real estate


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